Town of Lanark - Animal Control

Portage County, in collaboration with Humane Society of Portage County (HSPC), provides a County-wide contract for animal control services by combining  the efforts of the Humane Society and the Portage County Sheriff's Department. 

This program  provides animal control services on a County-wide basis with the exceptions of four municipalities.  The municipalities that have signed with the program are:  
The Towns of Alban, Almond, Amherst, Belmont, Carson, Dewey, Eau Plaine, Grant, Hull, Lanark, Linwood, New Hope, Pine Grove, Plover, Sharon and Stockton
The Villages of Almond, Amherst, Amherst Junction, Park Ridge, Plover, Rosholt, and Whiting.  
The City of Stevens Point .

If you are in the above listed municipalities and you need service, you can contact the Humane Society directly at 344-6012.  They have personnel on duty at the Animal Shelter from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.  Service may be obtained at any other time by contacting the Portage County Sheriff's Department at 346-1400.

Requests for animal control and other questions can be directed to the HSPC

HSPC Hours of Operation 
Closed Wednesday, Sundays & Holidays 
Tuesdays | 11AM - 7PM CST 
All other days - 11AM-5PM CST 


After Hours 
Portage County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center 

Services provided by the Humane Society include sales of dog licenses, animal adoptions, animal bite investigation, animal abuse investigation, animal care information and education, and free pick up of stray domestic animals.  For more information you can visit the Humane Society's website at: or the Portage County Sheriff's Department Animal Control web site at

Portage County citizens who live in the municipalities that are not included in the program should contact their township chairperson or village president if they require services for animal control.