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The next Town Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 12th at 7 PM:  Agenda

The next Plan Commission meeting will take place on Thursday, November 7th at 10 AM: Agenda

Town Land Use Plan Update

The Town of Lanark Plan Commission, with assistance from the Portage County Planning and Zoning Department, has finished reviewing and updating the Town of Lanark Comprehensive Plan in order to meet the Statutory requirement that comprehensive plans be updated no less than once every 10 years (Section 66.1001(2)(i) of Wisconsin Statutes).  The Plan Commission also reviewed and updated the Town Zoning map to ensure compatibility between zoning and future land use designations. Here is a link to the proposed updates:

July 20th Storm

The Town of Lanark took a beating in the storm that swept across Wisconsin on Saturday, July 20th.  Hundreds of trees were toppled or topped with many blocking roads and more coming to rest on homes and other buildings.  While damage was widespread, the worst of it seems to have been concentrated in the northeastern half of the town with some roads being blocked by as many as 15 downed trees per mile.

The Town’s payloader was brought into service early Saturday afternoon to help clear roads but was disabled by a mechanical failure that could not be repaired until Monday.  In the meantime, an army of residents took to the roads and cleared paths for vehicles until the payloader could come around and clear both lanes.  Dozens of chainsaws were in simultaneous use across Lanark as roads, driveways and lawns were cleared.

In the storm’s aftermath, Lanark’s residents demonstrated exceptional self-reliance, teamwork and unselfish service to the greater good, with neighbors helping neighbors and sharing resources until power was restored later in the week.  In short, we experienced some of what makes Lanark a wonderful place to live.

If you helped clear trees and other debris off of a roadway, we’d like to hear from you.  We’re making a list of who did what and where they did it so the magnitude of the storm can be fully measured.  Please email the Town at or call the Hall at (715) 256-9801.  Tell us where you cleared a roadway, who was involved, what equipment you used, and how many hours you spent doing the work.