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The Town of Lanark DOES NOT have a primary this Tuesday, February 19th!
Our next election will be the Spring Election on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.  Election information can always be found at

The next Town Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 19th at 7 PM:  Agenda
(meeting originally scheduled for February 12th was cancelled by snow storm)

The next Plan Commission meeting will take place on Thursday, March 7th at 10 AM:  Agenda
(The February 7th meeting was cancelled by weather)


The instructions that accompanied the new recycling carts asked that we NOT place recyclables in plastic bags or put bags of plastic bags in our recycling cart.  Unfortunately, we’re seeing that a fair number of people are placing their recycling in plastic trash bags before placing it in the new recycling cart.  One of the reasons for a separate recycling cart is to eliminate the need for plastic bags in the recycling stream.  These plastic bags are a genuine problem at the county’s recycling processing center, where they get into and gum up the conveyor belts, rollers and other mechanisms that are critical to processing recyclables.  The recommended procedure is to place your unbagged recyclables directly into the recycling cart.  If bagging makes it easier to handle your recyclables, use paper bags instead.

The recycling instructions that accompanied our new carts was actually intended for Outagamie County so some of the information on that sheet is not accurate for Portage County.  Portage County’s recycling guide came in the envelope with our property tax bill and is also accessible online at:

If people are trying to recycle their plastic shopping bags, I’d recommend that they collect them and eventually recycle them at the store(s) where they got them.  Most grocery stores in our area, for instance, have plastic bag recycling bins near their entrances.

Plastic trash bags are still good to use for your trash, however!

One other issue:  The refuse and recycling carts need to be separated by 4′ or more to enable the operator to grasp the cart with the collection truck’s hydraulic arm.  If they’re too close to each other, or close to a mailbox or other object, the arm can’t grab the cart.  Lots of us have fairly narrow driveways and placing the carts 4′ apart is difficult  so it might be easiest to place the carts on opposite sides of the driveway.