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The next Town Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 10h at 7 PM: 

Special Town Board meeting, Thursday, February 20th at 1 PM:  Agenda

The next Plan Commission meeting will take place on Thursday, February 20th at 10 AM: Agenda


  • Keep a safe distance (200′ minimum) so the driver can see you
  • If you can’t see the plow’s mirrors, the plow driver can’t see you!
  • Keep personal property such as trailers, vehicles, snowmobiles, etc., off of the right of way (33′ from the center of the road)
  • Do NOT plow snow from your driveway on to or over the road as this practice is prohibited by Wisconsin Statutes 86.01 & 346.94
  • Keep refuse and recycling carts off the pavement by at least 3′
  • The Town will replace your mailbox/post if it is hit by the plow and was in good condition.  The Town will not replace mailboxes and/or posts that were in need of repair prior to being hit.
  • Keep brush and wood piles at least 9′ from the pavement to accommodate plowing
  • Please be patient!  Operating two trucks, our crew plows 34+ miles of road and clears over 50 intersections.
  • More details can be found in the Town’s Winter Road Maintenance Policy.