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The next Town Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 13th at 7 PM:  Agenda

The next Plan Commission meeting will take place on Thursday, December 6th at 10 AM:

Public Hearing (Zoning Change-St. Patrick’s Church property) on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 6:30 PM:  Notice

November 6 2018 Election report

The Town of Lanark enjoyed an 84% voter turnout for the mid-term election!  819 voters cast their ballots (including 85 absentees) and 82 registered to vote on election day!   You can view the results at Portage County’s November 6, 2018 election results web site.

Know YOUR water!

Interested in learning more about groundwater, recent county-wide well water testing results, and how you can have YOUR well water tested?  Our web page now has information on all of these topics!  Look under the YOUR GOVERNMENT tab and select NEWS and NOTICES, or select this link: